Mondays- Spare Time, Clifton Park
2:30PM- All Level Line Dance Lessons

Tuesdays- CM School of Fine Arts, Halfmoon 
3pm- Experienced
6pm- Improvers & Beginners

Wednesdays- Spare Time, Clifton Park
6:30PM- All Level Line Dance Lessons

Weekend Dance Events will be listed in the Email Club and on the Country Kickers Facebook Page
Register For the Email Club at kevinrichards@kevinrichards.com
Visit the Country Kickers Facebook Page for Updates

Learn How To Line Dance - Beginners & First Timers Start in September!

Tuesdays 9/14 - CM School Of Fine Arts (17 Halfmoon Executive Park), 6:00pm *Just Show Up & Register At Door

Wednesdays 9/15 - Spare Time Clifton Park, 6:30pm *Just Show Up & Register At Door

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