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32 Step 2 Wall Intermediate Line Dance

Music:  Redneck Girl By The Bellamy Brothers

Unknown Choreographer—Northeast Version


Rock, Step, Sway, Sway X 2

1,2,3,4     Rock R over L, step on L, sway  right, sway left

5,6,7,8     Repeat steps 1-4

Sway, Rock, Step;  Step  Diagonally  On  L and R.  Kick Low with L and Step on L;  Kick High With R And Step On R, Step Forward On L

1,2,3,4     Sway right, rock L over R, step on R, step on L diagonally facing 11:00

5,6,7,8     Step on R diagonally facing 11:00, Kick L slightly,  quickly stepping on L;  kick R leg up, quickly

                 Stepping on R.  Step forward on L

Rock Forward And Recover, Rock Right And Recover, Rock R Behind L And Recover;  Step Right, Rock L

Behind R

1,2,3,4      Rock forward on R, recover L, rock right on R, recover L

5,6,7,8      Rock R behind L, recover L, step to right on R, rock L behind R

Recover  On R, Step Left , Rock Behind L, Recover R;  Making 1 ½ Turns Left On Ball Of Foot, Turn on R,L,R,L

1,2,3,4       Recover on R, step left on L, rock R behind L, recover L

5,6,7,8       Stepping on ball of R foot, turn ¼ left (9:00), stepping on ball of L foot, turn ½ left (3:00),

                   Stepping on ball of R foot, turn ½ left (9:00), stepping on ball of L foot, turn ¼ left (6:00)


Begin Again!   

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